A brief explanation of how the Kanvas platform and the $KVS token will be launched
Upon releasing the website and the Kanvas DeFi-protocol, there will be some tokens in circulation. This accounts for approximately 0,38% of the max supply. This amount has been emitted fairly, through the use of the Kanvas farms. Once the NFT Marketplace is completed, the KVS token will have its official launch. The following explains how the KVS token will be distributed from launch onwards.

Initial Allocation

1% of the max supply will be airdropped to the Kava community through an incentives program in collaboration with some of the biggest players in the ecosystem.
Another 4% will be allocated to a collaboration fund and all of these tokens will be rewarded end-users. Kanvas believes that co-creation and collaboration will improve the condition of the entire Kava ecosystem.
5% of the max supply is reserved as treasury voor the Kanvas project.

Further Distribution (un-minted)

The vast majority of the token supply (80%) will be emitted by the farms and staking-pool. The final 10% will be held back for further significant protocol expansions.
After the entire supply has been distributed, you can still be earning KVS rewards through the Kanvas farms. How? These farms are somewhat special. What they do is they collect all the LP-rewards from the LP-tokens that are deposited in the farm. Then they swap these rewards for KVS and emit those as rewards. This way, there will be constant buying-pressure on the KVS token.
After launch As soon as the marketplace goes live, Kanvas will be eligible for the Kava NFT incentives program. These incentives will be used to further develop the NFT marketplace that is currently in the works.